Put Down the Welding Torch If You're Concerned About Injuring Yourself

We can handle metal fabrication and repair work in Siler City, NC and beyond

Equipment or welding repair is a job best left to the pros. You can feel confident outsourcing your repair tasks to Junior's Fencing & Welding Inc. in Siler City, NC.

We've got the welding and metal fabrication capabilities needed to...

  • Make replacement parts for farm, commercial, grading and paving equipment
  • Repair metal structural frames at small properties
  • Build custom sheds and barns

Although we primarily work in the Siler City, NC area, we're willing to travel to Wilmington, Morehead City or Newport to serve you. Schedule metal fabrication or welding repair services today.

We work with more than just metal

We can frame houses and small structures. We typically use plywood to frame one- and two-story homes.

Got questions about our wood framing services? Call 919-724-5756 now to speak with our owner.